Sweet Macadamia Balls

I have a big sweet tooth. There’s nothing I love more then enjoying one (or two… or three) of these sweet macadamia balls whilst curled up watching some sort of tv show or movie with a cup of herbal tea in hand. They’re so delicious which makes it difficult to stop at one! Ingredients (makes … Continue reading Sweet Macadamia Balls

Vegetable Lasagne

This lasagne is so nourishing + perfect for those cooler nights. The ricotta is used in place of béchamel sauce and the eggplant in place of lasagne sheets which are typically made from refined white flour and have very low nutritional value. It’s packed full of vegetables and the perfect meal to make and freeze in portions for lunches … Continue reading Vegetable Lasagne

Nut & Seed Balls

I love making a batch of protein balls on a Sunday so I have a healthy snack on hand during the week when I feel like something sweet. These balls are packed full of so many goodies and most importantly are so delicious! Play around with the recipe.. add different nuts and seeds according to … Continue reading Nut & Seed Balls

Raw Cacao + Berry Cups

This is such a lovely little treat. The sweetness of the raspberries throughout the mixture is so delicious and I love the hint of coconut on the top. You could even make this into a slice, I might give that a try next time! Ingredients 2 cups cashews 1/2 cup coconut oil (liquid state) 1/2 … Continue reading Raw Cacao + Berry Cups